Duck Dynasty Darling new Christian Teen Idol?

‘Christian’ promoters marketing rock star youth culture and money-making ventures:

The Duck Dynasty TV show may be defunct, but this hasn’t kept promoters from finding new avenues of exploitation. Taking a page from the Disney Channel playlist, “Live Original” is just too un-original to be authentic.

Duck Dynasty teen Star Sadie Robertson just finished her sold out tour – with “worship” led by Jesus Culture’s Chris McClarney.


and see

And of course, Sadie has had an entire line of Christian clothing and accessories manufactured around her to maximize profits.

Promotional video shows singing “Party all day, party all night, party like a rockstar…”

The tour members are guided by “Pastor” DawnCherie’ Wilkerson, wife of Rich Wilkerson of the emergent Vous Church. See

 So apparently you can be of the world and it’s fashions and party like a rock star and still be a cool Christian? I believe there are Bible verses that refute these notions.


Counterfeit Christs: Is your Pastor a one-man show?

This is Part 2 of a series on modern churchianity – aka, the Evangelical Industrial Complex [EIC]; And is a repost of the article @


The whole world is being prepared for a counterfeit Christ, described in Revelation 13. Jesus warned us that there would be many who would attempt to come in the place of Christ, usurping his role:

“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” – Matthew 24:5

The Apostle John warns us that in addition to the coming antichrist, many antichrists are already among us:

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” – 1 John 2:18-19

John says these antichrists “went out from us”. Satan is portrayed as a clever deceiver. If he inspired someone to walk among Christians saying “I am against Jesus Christ”, those who profess to love the Lord would not be deceived. An effective deception is well disguised.

In what ways might we be led to follow one who usurps the role of Jesus Christ? I am convinced that the world and professing Evangelical Christians are being prepared to follow the antichrist by getting use to following gurus. As I say in the article, “Four Ways Christians Are Being Deceived”:

We are much more likely, these days, to not refer to our Bible for our convictions and world-view, but instead to follow the opinions of leaders we look up to. In these days of “Christian mass media”, celebrity ministers are likely to draw our attention and our allegiance. It is a dangerous thing to set up gurus within the Body of Christ who are beyond criticism.

Is your “pastor” a one man show? I would be greatly concerned about this. If you go to your fellowship’s website, is he the only leader mentioned? Is his the only photograph prominently displayed? Is he the only one free to speak about truth and error? Must all others agree with him or face the consequences? Does your fellowship revolve around his personality and the personalities of his wife and family? Do this man and his wife act like benevolent royalty? Do his wife and children have more influence in the church than the elders? Is he the only teacher? Does he have veto power over every detail of the functioning of your fellowship? Are the “elders” yes-men who really just act as his staff? Or is there a continuing line of former elders who have tried to speak up and were slammed? Did your fellowship begin by a gathering of people at this man’s feet? Or if he were to go on to bigger and better things, would half to three quarters of his audience leave? Do people refer to your fellowship as “John’s Church” or “Pastor John’s Church” or “Pastor Smith’s Church”? Are people induced to stand in line to speak to him? To shake his hand? Does their heart go pitter-pat when he mentions their name from the pulpit? Do they wonder if he’s thinking about them? Do they yearn for his approval and fear his wrath?

Are you a husband or a father? Does the clergyman who rules over your church induce your wife or your children to have an emotional attachment to him with a blind emotional loyalty that causes them to become defensive at the slightest hint of criticism of their Pastor? I would be concerned about this. It is cult-like for your wife to respect and admire this man more than her own husband. It is adulterous and idolatrous for your wife to be so emotionally attached to this man. It is wrong for a clergyman to usurp the role of husband in the lives of the women of the congregation. It is wrong for a clergyman to usurp the role of loving and wise father in the lives of the children and youth of a congregation.

Worse yet! It is idolatry and blasphemy for this man to usurp the role of Christ among the believers in your fellowship! That is exactly what he does if he functions as a guru beyond critique or a dictator beyond question. And that is exactly what he does if he is more than just a brother in Christ; if he is more than just one of multiple leaders and overseers; if he is more than just one of a number of men free to teach the truth; if the life of the congregation is focused on and revolves around him.

Of course, not every leader in a church that fits some of these descriptions is an antichrist. We all walk in the flesh to varying extents at various times. We all need to grow closer to Jesus in our daily walk and mature in our ministries and gifts and callings. But these are serious issues. And if any of these descriptions fit, they ought to be dealt with. No one should be in such a place of prominence and celebrity that they usurp the role of Christ.

We know the names of the Apostles and various apostolic representatives, but when we read about the church in Ephesus or Corinth in the Bible, for example, we never hear about “Pastor Smith”. Acts 14:23 tells us that Paul and Barnabus appointed elders in every church. The Body of Christ is a fellowship of brothers and sisters with Jesus as the Shepherd and only Lord.

“But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” – Matthew 20:25-26

Jesus says in Mark 10:42-45, leaders in the church should be different than leaders in the world. Therefore, as Paul says in Romans 12:2, let us be: “…not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Let us fellowship in simplicity looking to Jesus as Lord, continuing, “…steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” – Acts 2:42


How to Ignore “Discernment Bloggers” and Stay Comfortably Clueless

[This is a Repost of Steve Kozar’s satire of 9/14/2016]

Want to stay comfortable in your (theologically shallow & Biblically illiterate) Christian beliefs? Even if those beliefs are not really based on God’s Word?? Of course you do! Here’s a guide that will keep you in the dark, and will help you to avoid the bothersome content of whichever discernment bloggers are currently bugging you:

  1. Start with this assumption: There aren’t any false teachers. With this handy starting point everything else falls comfortably into place. Just tell yourself that people who proclaim a different Gospel are just… different. It’s like the difference between hotdogs and hamburgers. If there are no false teachers, then it logically follows that all discernment bloggers are wrong. Now you won’t have to consider what they say!
  2. Go with the group. If the majority agrees with you, you must be right. Remember, Jesus wants you to follow the most popular teachers, even when they twist the Bible. Discernment bloggers are not popular, so they must be wrong. Now you won’t have to consider what they say!
  3. Lump them all together. It’s true: some discernment bloggers are too extreme and exaggerate too much, or they go off on some crazy bunny trails; therefore you can ignore everything that every discernment blogger says (see points 1 & 2).
  4. They are mean and angry, therefore, they are wrong. If you think they’re mean and angry… well, that means they are mean and angry. Now you won’t have to consider what they say!
  5. Criticize their criticism. Discernment bloggers are not speaking in love when they call out false teachings and teachers, therefore you can ignore the actual content of what they say. Once you understand this you can freely criticize them, because it’s not unloving when you and your group does it.
  6. Say something like this: “The Holy Spirit leads me-I don’t need all this theological stuff.” Remember, the Holy Spirit leads us, but He does it by using God’s Word. So if you want to remain clueless, just focus on the thoughts that pop into your head, and avoid the Bible (and it’s theology) at all costs. If you do decide to read your Bible, make sure to avoid the actual meaning of passages, which can be determined by simply understanding the context. Instead, use your Bible like a divining rod or a crystal ball, that way the Bible will always agree with you and your ideas!
  7. Give them a label. This is a great thought-stopper. Label all discernment bloggers with a generic and meaningless label so you can comfortably ignore them.

Examples: (A) “He’s into those Christian conspiracy theories, it’s really sad.” (Never define “Christian conspiracy theory;” thus people  can be grouped together with Bigfoot hunters and UFO hobbyists.) (B) “He’s one of those judgmental, Bible-thumping Christians now. He’s a religious Pharisee; he’s always quoting Bible verses.” (Hint: never define “judgmental” or “Bible-thumping” or “religious Pharisee.” (C)“Ever since she’s been reading those discernment articles she’s gotten too negative. God’s in control, right? Why worry so much?!” (Hint: if you ever realized how brain-dead the church has become, you’d be “negative” for a while, too. So keep ignoring all the proof that surrounds you, and stay away from your Bible which repeatedly warns you to watch out for false doctrine!)

The original article is here:

On Future Leadership – Calvary Chapel 2012 Pastor’s Conference

It is informative that at this (2012) conference, Greg Laurie notes that Pastor Chuck had NOT publicly name his successor for leadership of Calvary Costa Mesa. Although Brodersen comes out and names himself as that successor, Pastor Chuck does NOT confirm this, but rather says: ”

“I believe that the Bible teaches that Christ is the head of the body – His church. That is what needs to be emphasized and realized that it isn’t a person, it isn’t an individual, but it is submission to Jesus Christ, and if we can do that, we’re gonna go forward. I think that, as I was talking with some of these fellows – and we’re going to be having a time – I’m going to be calling the fellows together that have been with us almost from the beginning. Some of the guys that God has already demonstrated their leadership capacity – we’re gonna have a time of just prayer, fasting, waiting on the Lord, and just getting, hopefully, from The Lord, his direction for the future of Calvary Chapel. As far as leadership is concerned, I do see it as a multiple kind of a leadership, NOT AN INDIVIDUALAnd I do believe that Jesus, again, is the true leader, and he’s the one we want to follow.”


Timeline : The FACTS on Brian “Head” Welch

Preface: After Josh Turansky/ CCCM’s 2/26/14 article attacking critics of CCCM’s emergent new direction, and of the Whosoevers – see

I felt it necessary to restate THE FACTS:

THIS is no “conspiracy theory” – The DOCUMENTATION IS THERE to demonstrate that Brian Head Welch [BHW] HAS BEEN associating with Todd Bentley and other false teachers – Contrary to public statements by Ryan Ries. The facts are that on 11/21/14, LIVE on KWVE – Ryan Ries, in collaboration with Calvary Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen, Ken Sutton & Josh Turansky. OPENLY LIED to listeners nationwide. THIS is nothing less than lies, deceit & a cover-up of the truth!

Timeline :

 2/19/15 – Brian Head Welch [BHW] laying low & posting adverts for Whosoever movie “3Sixty5” …

2/10/15 – Todd Bentley’s “God Encounter Weekend” w/ BHW suddenly canceled, claiming that there is a “scheduling conflict” and BHW can’t make it. See

1/22/15 – Todd Bentley posts Contest to win free “Head Welch” SIGNED MERCHANDISE”, etc. – See

1/14/15 – Todd Bentley posts pic of him & BHW on his Instagram as a promo for their planned “God Encounter Weekend” scheduled for March 6&7. See +

12/10/14 – BHW posts on his Twitter & Facebook pages, “Get to know the God who lives inside of you. STILLNESS IN CONTEMPLATION IS IMPORTANT!” See: [Dec. 10 post] And see

 11/28/14 and onward – (subsequently) Head’s LDH facebook page falls silent…

11/21/14 – CCCM/ KWVE Whosoever whitewash, where Ryan Ries openly lies, live on the air to listeners nationwide, while B. Broderson, Ken Sutton & Josh Turansky chuckle in the background! see

11/7/14 – on his LoveDrunkHeadly [LDH] FB page Head posts link & video ENDORSING false teacher/ prophet Shawn Morris; see & see

10/30/14 – BHW posted about contemplative “Mystic” Milly Bennitt, saying “THIS is one of my tribe… The church at large would call this the New Age, but…” And “I’ve been connected TO THIS TYPE of life since 2006. I’m NOT hiding who I am!” NOTE: THIS POST WAS LATER REMOVED, but I have photographic evidence – See

9/26/14 – Heretical “Holy Ghost” movie released: starring Heidi Baker, Bill (Bethel) Johnson and BHW. see

9/17/14 – NAR affiliated False teacher Jonathan Welton’s outfit posts ANOTHER VIDEO TITLED “Brian Head Welch’s Supernatural Bible School Student Testimonial” – You Tube – see

9/16/14 – LDH posts endorsement/ advert for Milly Bennitt’s contemplative mystical “Cabin Academy”, saying “There are tons of goodies on her website”. see & see

9/13/14 – NAR affiliated False teacher Jonathan Welton’s outfit posts “Brian Head Welch’s Supernatural Bible School Student Testimonial” video on You Tube – see

9/4/14 – BHW makes entertainment news headlines promoting Kickstarter fundraiser for the heretical “Holy Ghost” movie. see & see

8/17/14 – LDH posts advert/ promotion of the “FIREHOUSE PROJECTS” See which is the site of John Crowder’s heretical partner Matt Spinks; See also

8/9/14 – BHW in Nashville shooting a scene for the heretical “Holy Ghost” movie. see & see

6/28/14 – LDH posts link to “Kickstarter Update” – Fund raising for Bethel Redding’s Bill Johnson’s heretical “Holy Ghost” movie. see

6/27/14 – BHW featured in promo for the heretical “Holy Ghost” movie. See &

6/9/14 – Whosoevers post promo of Korn @ Mayhem Fest; see

May 5, 2014 – LDH posts his “Recommended Reading” which includes Anna Roundtree, Rick Joyner, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila. and recommends music by Hillsong, Bethel, Gungor, Misty Edwards, etc.; See

March 28, 1014 – LDH calls the heretical movie “Noah” a “Work of Art”.

August 2013 – BHW joins the Welton Academy’s “Supernatural Bible School”. see

11/13/13 – BHW & Rob Zombie play “Am I Evil – Yes I am!” song; See

May 2013: BHW rejoins Korn

2009: BHW joins The Whosoevers

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+ BHW hangin w/ John crowder tokin & doin communion; see
+ his black feathers “home fellowship”…