Global Ecumenical Event Partners NAR, Word-Faith and Mainstream Ministries

One of the largest ecumenical event ever – Global Outreach Day (‘GOD’), or ‘GO 2020‘ – is set to for May 30th 2020, and the promoters are proclaiming a “Special edition of Global Outreach Day. Join thousands of churches and ministries worldwide and dedicate the month of May 2020 to prayer and evangelism.” and to “Mobilize 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in May 2020” . See

96 different churches, ministries and para-church orgs are partnered with this event – Almost half are NAR and/ or Word-faith affiliated. Included are some of the most heretical groups known, such as Bethel Redding, Catch The Fire (John Arnott), Cindy Jacobs ‘Generals Int’l’, Mike Bickle’s IHOP (KC), Heidi Baker’s Iris Int’l, Joyce Meyer Ministries and WYAM. The organizers have listed as the top endorsers, the NAR’s Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, John Arnott and Heidi Baker. see  

There are number of organizations involved with which I am unfamiliar, but the AOG, Baptist World Alliance, Foursquare and Pentecostal World Alliance, (formerly CRI) and the Jesus Film Project are among those involved. The sheer number involved in this ecumenical event is staggering.

The GO 2020leaders are: Steve Douglass: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ); Loren Cunningham: YWAM; Efraim Tendero: World Evangelical Alliance. That the leaders of this event could draw in so many groups, some of which may well be otherwise generally biblical, is testament to the level deception of the current apostasy. see .

Please PRAY for this event – that The Lord would protect people from this ecumenical deception.

2 thoughts on “Global Ecumenical Event Partners NAR, Word-Faith and Mainstream Ministries

  1. Suzie Lapratte Labrie

    Hi I appreciate your ministry. Unfortunately FB has blocked my posting this article G2020 to my personal fb. It’s got a lot of good info wanted to inform you it’s preventing the truth from being exposed. God bless you and your ministry 😇

    1. Unfortunately, as of Wed. 1/29/20 Facebook has apparently banned any and all links to this blog. I have appealed for ‘review’ of the ban. I am also looking into other social media sites as an alternative outlet. Thank you kindly for the encouragement. Prayers are appreciated.

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