Francis Chan’s Continuing Slide into Apostasy

Francis Chan’s slide into apostasy has gone from bad to worse. He has gone from appearances at NAR affiliates such as IHOP.KC, and declaring of IHOP’s leader Mike Bickle, “I love this guy”,  [See ] to now promoting his own new NAR linked ministry “We Are Church”.

See – We Are The Church is intimately linked to YWAM (NAR) and their “21 Project” – See

We Are The Church is also intimately linked to YWAM, YWAM’s ‘Circuit Riders‘, Bethel Redding’s Jesus Culture, and to Lou Engle’s ‘The Send‘. See also:

Additionally (see above) – Through YWAM’s Circuit Riders network, Francis Chan’s organization ‘Crazy Love‘ is collaborating with major NAR ministries, including YWAM, (the NAR ecumenical) Together (Lou Engle & Nick Hall), Jesus Culture, Dunamis, Pulse (Nick Hall/ Together 2016), and Christ for All Nations (Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda – See ] And see:

I believe it is now safe to say that Mr. Chan has pitched his tent squarely in the camp of the false teachers/ “prophets” of the New Apostolic Reformation [NAR], and hence, a final warning to mark and avoid his teaching and that of his associates.

One thought on “Francis Chan’s Continuing Slide into Apostasy

  1. Lydia Church

    That is how it goes down the slippery slope to apostasy.
    It all starts with, “It’s just a conference. I’m just there to ‘be the salt and light’ you know.”
    Then it’s…”Oh, he’s okay, he’s my buddy.”
    Followed by handshakes, hugs, linked elbows, and eventually endorsements.
    Then they start sharing more platforms and then more ‘ministries’ and then they become the leader of one of those ‘ministries’ right in the heart of the apostasy.
    And they ask; “How did this happen?”

    I remember reading about Lot in the Bible. He entered Sodom, settled in Sodom, became chummy in Sodom, and held a seat in the city council in Sodom. People start to enter these things as a one time thing with some meager excuse. Then one thing leads to another and they become more entangled and entrenched and associated with the people in these things. Then they begin endorsing the beliefs and actions of the group. First they claim they will ‘help them see the light,’ but as time goes on it goes the other way, they instead fall into the darkness and begin to justify it. They become solidified and cemented in with the views of the group and engaged in their activities and eventually become one and the same with the group, totally embracing all that is at the heart of it. Then anyone who dares warn them becomes ‘the enemy’ to them. But hey, it all began with ‘it’s just an event’! The first mistake is when they warm themselves by the fire in the camp of the enemy. Why are you there? The Bible says not to even give them a greeting if they are false teachers or you too will be guilty as they are. The first step should be to listen to the Bible and heed God’s Word.

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