Calvary Costa Mesa Hosts Major Ecumenical Conference

Brian Brodersen’s Calvary Global Network [CGN] and Calvary Costa Mesa just ended their 2019 International Conference – a major ecumenical gathering. The webpage proclaims: “This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and churches throughout the world to connect, collaborate and encourage one another.”

This is another ecumenical event by Brian Brodersen and his CGN to bring Anglican, Reformed and ‘seeker-friendly’ influences into the once solid Calvary Chapel churches.

Featured speakers included:

Miles McPherson – Rock church: Seeker-friendly & NAR affiliations. Problems with Miles include:

1] Appeared at Randy Clark’s (NAR) Global Awakening May 2019                               2] Feb. 2018 – His Rock church hosts Jesus Culture artists                                            3] Spoke at NAR affiliate Skyline church 2018. See

4] Endorses TD Jakes Oct. 31, 2017                                                                                      5] May 2014 – NAR ‘Kingdom Foundations’ event at the Rock church. See

Sam Allbery – “celibate” gay Christianity advocate, Editor @ Gospel Coalition -See and see

Ray Ortlund – Reformed, Gospel Coalition;

Jared Wilson – New Calvinist, Gospel Coalition;

Bruce Clarke – Sr. Minister @ St. Matthews – Australian Anglican;

Andrew Baughen – Vicar of St. James Clerkenwell, UK Church of England.  See:

Brodersen’s partnership with the corrupt Church of England has been extensively documented by this author. See: and see:

Gary BreshearsWestern Seminary; PhD in Systematic Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary;

What has not been noted is the recent partnership of CGN with Western Seminary – Purportedly an upstanding institution. See However, it should be noted that Western Seminary teaches “Spiritual Formation” and “Spiritual Disciplines” that “represent Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox perspectives”. Also dangerous false teacher Gary Thomas – author of the Christian/ New Age book “Sacred Pathways” and other aberrant books – is an Adjunct Professor at Western. See:

All of these things are but the latest example of the ecumenical errors of Brian Brodersen, and the seeker-friendly direction of the CGN movement.

One thought on “Calvary Costa Mesa Hosts Major Ecumenical Conference

  1. Lydia

    The ever increasing descent into heresy and sin!
    The road to hell is paved with a thousand excuses and ‘justifications.’

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