Churches Using Worship Music by Aberrant Groups are Contributing To Those Groups

Many (if not most) churches nowadays are using ‘worship’ music by known aberrant groups such as Bethel Music, Jesus Culture and Hillsong. Because the music is ‘popular’, the heretical roots of these groups are overlooked. Some have asserted that even if the group or church is heretical, ‘the music is still really good’.

Many apparently don’t realize (or don’t care) that the “Jesus” of these groups is NOT the Christ Jesus of the Bible, but a different “Jesus” – and that those churches factually preach a different Gospel and utilize a different “spirit” [see 2Cor. 11:4 & Gal. 1:6]

This author has pointed out the fact that sharing pulpits with, as well as using material by aberrant teachers/ groups can have the effect of legitimizing those same. The possibility of stumbling believers – inspiring them to  follow those aberrant people/ groups.

What has been completely overlooked is the fact that every church that uses music by heretical groups is actively contributing to those groups via royalties that are paid directly to them, and which are used to support their heretical ‘ministries’. Let that sink in…

The following is a link to an interesting article entitled: ‘Should Your Church Sing Jesus Culture & Bethel Music’ by Costi Hinn. (Note: This is not an endorsement of Mr. Hinn’s  reformed theology)


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4 thoughts on “Churches Using Worship Music by Aberrant Groups are Contributing To Those Groups

  1. June

    Yes, I was wondering about that myself.
    This sort of thing links them all together in a network by elbow link endorsements.
    There is literally NO place right now where I feel it is legitimate to give to, other than some discernment ministries. Everything is compromised.

      1. June

        I agree! I have tried to start one up for years but had no takers as they are all too content and cozy in these false churches. The only fellowship I find is online as all are not brave enough to suggest that we (blog types) meet for fear that locations and identities may be revealed and all are not of the same flock if you know what I mean. I am willing, let me know if you are. I am in Southern CA.

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