Hillsong Partnering with the NAR’s Bill Johnson

The Hillsong Conference to be held in Los Angeles on August 2, 2019 is set to feature the New Apostolic Reformation’s Bill Johnson, of Bethel, Redding infamy. Alongside head pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, the lineup will also have Word-Faith superstar Joseph Prince, and Passion Conference host Louie Giglio. See https://hillsong.com/conference/guest-speakers/

Though their music is popular and played by churches far and wide, few are aware of the heretical roots of Hillsong.  [See https://churchwatchcentral.com/2016/01/23/the-origins-of-hillsong-the-new-order-of-the-latter-rain-part-1/  < > and see https://churchwatchcentral.com/2017/10/13/apostle-steve-shultz-james-goll-talk-about-nar-recognizing-hillsong-and-brownsville-as-being-part-of-it/ 

One of the ways Hillsong has been gradually revealing it’s doctrinal affinities is through it’s lineup on the Hillsong Channel – a lineup now similar to TBN’s Word-Faith programming.

Hillsong’s aberrant nature is also revealed by it’s choice of conference speakers. Few are more aberrant than the NAR’s Bill Johnson. In 2016, we saw Johnson inviting Hillsong’s Brian Houston to speak at his ‘Open Heavens’ 2016 conference. In May 2016, Bethel’s Brian and Jenn Johnson appeared at the Hillsong conference in Sydney, Australia. Now, next year Houston will return the favor to Johnson.

Sadly – apparently their music is so popular that many have intentionally overlooked their aberrations and even provided cover for them. On the December 3, 2015 KWVE radio broadcast of ‘Pastor’s Perspective’, Calvary Chapel leader Brian Brodersen dismisses a caller’s concerns about Hillsong and openly endorses them on the nationally syndicated program – with Brodersen declaring, “They’re orthodox, they believe in the Gospel… I appreciate the contribution that Hillsong is making to the advancement of the kingdom in this generation.”

Factually, Hillsong is one of the most dangerous groups in modern Christianity. They are the cutting edge of the invasion of  the word-faith/NAR paradigm. Using their music as a front, they have effectively penetrated mainstream churches, and are now bringing their heretical friends with them.

Also see: https://emergentwatch.com/2018/02/15/hillsong-sponsoring-contemplative-alpha-allows-catholic-mass-at-conference/

And see: https://hillsongchurchwatch.com/2015/01/31/why-hillsong-music-is-dangerous-to-sing-in-your-church/#comment-16103



3 thoughts on “Hillsong Partnering with the NAR’s Bill Johnson

  1. Carlos Betancourt

    Hopefully the body Christ (Calvary Chapel) has enough discernment to know what these false teachers are preaching and what the worship leaders think the holy spirit is ( drunk in the spirit,holy laughter, barking like dogs,etc…) please pray for those involved and pratice such heresies!

    1. Unfortunately, many Calvary Chapel pastors are not showing discernment; Most are now using the “worship” music of Hillsong and Bethel Redding – apparently unconcerned that their music subtly reflect their aberrant theology. Yes, please do pray for Calvary Chapel, and those trapped in the Hillsong & Bethel cults.

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