Francis Chan Endorses the Apostate NAR Movement

In his latest departure from orthodoxy, Francis Chan declares his love – not only for IHOP’s Mike Bickle (see below) – but for the entire apostate NAR movement – referring to them as simply harmless “Charismatics”.

The following video was screen captured from the Brio TV live feed of the ATD event on Saturday 10/7/17.

Speaking at the event “Awaken The Dawn” on 10/7/2017 – Chan claimed that God just revealed to him, while backstage, his “arrogance” and need to “repent” – And, that in his arrogance, he used to teach against charismania, but that “my theology has changed over the years”, etc.”

Chan also implies that those who discern the un-biblical issues within the NAR movement are simply “arrogant” and think they “know better.”

The list of apostate NAR speakers at the ATD event includes: Heidi Baker, Lou Engle, Shawn Bolz, Todd White, Rick Pino, Nick Hall, etc.

A Brief History of Francis Chan’s departures:

2003 – Chan Invites X-Catholic speaker Mike Gendron to speak at his church, but shuts down his Q&A fearing offending Catholics. see

2010- Chan speaks @ Exponential Conference alongside emergents. See

2012 – Chan practices/ promotes contemplative Lectio Divina @Passion 2012 event w/ Beth Moore & John Piper see

2013 – Chan endorses NAR apostate Mike Bickle of IHOP at their ecumenical “One Thing” conference. See

2015- Chan again speaks @ IHOP’s One Thing. See

2017 – Chan speaks at the NAR “Awaken the Dawn” event, wherein he endorses Lou Engle and the entire NAR apostate movement , referring to them as simply “Charismatics”.

Nowdays, Chan is speaking at more than a few highly questionable event. See – Events such as:

4/17- @ Exponential 2017 w/ Emergent/ contemplatives

11/17 @ False teacher Luis Palau’s event

And, he’ll be back @ IHOP in Dec. 2017 for their “One Thing” con. see

See also the previous EW posts on Calvary Chapel pastor Steve Berger’s hosting of Lou Engle and his endorsements of the apostate ATD event. See


4 thoughts on “Francis Chan Endorses the Apostate NAR Movement

    1. Not that familiar with his early teachings. My first encounter was his participation in the contemplative Lectio Divina @ Passion 2012. It seems like it’s been all downhill for him since then.

  1. Ernesto Ybarra

    I’m surprised not many saw through Francis Chan before he endorse these quacks! Francis Chan loves to talk about himself I and me! me and I! At this point Francis Chan is just as dangerous as Bill Johnson

    1. I’d never followed him much till he proclaimed his “love” for Mike Bickle and began defending some NAR people. Chan may actually be MORE dangerous because he was respected (in some circles) as a good teacher, and has thus been able to fly under the radar of many people. How many of his followers have been emboldened to follow Bickle and Johnson, etc. ??

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