Creation Fest 2017 – Singing the Ecumenical Siren Song

Today is OPENING DAY for Brian [Sr. Pastor Calvary Costa Mesa] Brodersen’s week-long ecumenical Creation Fest UK. EmergentWatch has reported on CFest for some years now – and this year, Brodersen reveals that the Church of England’s Diocese of Truro has been an active partner, including providing financial support to his ecumenical efforts.See:

C Fest’s social media proclaims the 2017 theme of ‘Unity in Diversity‘, and borrowed directly from Catholic ecumenicals, with the tagline: “a variety of friends joining together to explore the prayer of Jesus in John 17:21: that we might be ONE…

Another ad states: “The ongoing VISION of Creation Fest: That families/ people can come and ENJOY THE PRESENCE of God.” [And] “The *UNITY of the Spirit: THAT CHURCHES of different denominations WILL UNITE under the banner of Jesus as Lord and Savior.” This is the same siren song of the apostate movement that seeks to unite the Catholic church with evangelicals.

Brodersen’s C Fest17 is now partnered with God TV, a broadcaster that has no reservations about purveying the worst of the known false teachers.

NOTE that several of CF’s key partners are directly linked to the contemplative ALPHA. Brodersen’s friend & CF partner Phil Knox is the Director of church resources at Youth for Christ [YFC] which id linked to Youth Alpha. See

CF partner YWAM is also involved in contemplative, and both the CF linked Churches together in Cornwall [ ], and The Evangelical Alliance [ ] are apostate ecumenical organizations.

C Fest’s ad reveals they are financed by some big money foundations, including the Andrew Christian Trust, Joesph Rank Trust, the Lancaster Foundation, Souter Charitable Trust and the COE’s Diocese of Truro. …Follow the money.

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2 thoughts on “Creation Fest 2017 – Singing the Ecumenical Siren Song

  1. 1blandina

    Yes, and I have noticed that in general they have bumped it up a notch when it comes to blowing through the ‘unity’ trumpet. All sorts of ads on ‘Christian’ radio stations, songs, etc. have that theme but they suddenly turned the volume up on that theme…
    a big upsurge in them beating on the ‘unity’ drums. It is all an orchestrated plot of deception, make no mistake, all of this is not just so happening, it is an infiltration conspiracy in the church at large.


  2. Grammy G

    I do believe God is sifting and sorting the True Believers from the lukewarm and allowing this diversion in The Church. Sadly, many don’t see it and only want more of it. A big church in town is making music it’s focus now and it is dividing those people who have attended there for years. A house divided cannot stand, especially when the foundation is not the Lord. The preaching of the Gospel (the True unadulterated Word) is rarely found anymore. There is a remnant who will not fall for this emergent deception.

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