Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2016 – Leadership Departing Form God’s Word

In this video, Brian can be heard instructing other pastors in how to teach the Bible. His ideas radically depart from the biblical foundation laid out by CC founder Pastor Chuck Smith. Featuring clips from the 2016 CC Northwest Pastor’s Conference. Brian Brodersen herein teaches CC pastors to avoid the Old Testament, Bible prophecy, end-times and the Pre-trib rapture.


NOTE: The whole audio sessions can be heard @

Go To pg. 2, – Title: Giving Due Priority to the World… (Panel2)

Go To Pg. 3 – Title: Reaching the Next Generation (Panel 1)



16 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2016 – Leadership Departing Form God’s Word

  1. I never heard Pastor Chuck preach DOOM & GLOOM , never Pastor Chuck always gave very edifying and up lifting messages. He preached the WORD, FROM COVER TO COVER WITH NO EXCEPTION. I am very sorry to hear Brian talk this way. If he felt this way and he has a right to that idea but he should have gone and started his own church rather then take over Chucks church and start to change what Chuck had started. I for one have noticed the changes and have not liked what I see. Listening to Brian breaks my heart truly. I’m hearing, “I know better than Chuck how to preach the word” sorry if you don’t like my words but this is it. Brian you obviously did not learn anything having been sitting at Chucks feet and for that I’m sorry.

    1. You, I and many others found Brian’s words about Pastor Chuck most unkind and even hurtful. Brian should have gone and started his own church, but I believe he has his sights set on taking over CCCM. He seems like he’s very full of himself and wont take instruction, let alone correction from anyone. I just feel do sad for all the scattered sheep of Costa Mesa. They way many have been treated… shunned and outcast. Praying The Lord deals with Brian & his minions.

  2. Jerod

    Hate to say it but CCCM, CCA is Brian and his minions.

    That explains sooo much.

    Why is this not being picked up by other discernment ministries?! Brians take on the old testament, prophecy, on the whole counsel of God, “biblio-idolatry” is straight up Hybels/Warren/Andy Stanley. It is patently false and heretical. God bless Sandy for standing up to him, basically telling Brodersen he’s looking for a massage when he opens his bible.

    The cat’s outta the bag…

    Does nobody see this?

    Jerod Hatch
    Calvary Chapel AWANAS teacher

    1. Yes, the cat is outta the bag. But factually, the game was over when Brian & his minions went on KWVE nationally syndicated radio on 11/21/2014 and straight-up LIED to the public and to God’s church, regarding the Whosoevers. They virtually whitewashed Brian ‘Head’ Welch, even though he has continued his same heretical associations to this day. If lying, and being exposed doing so, and continuing to perpetrate that lie, doesn’t disqualify him, what does?

    2. Regina


    1. The whole audio sessions can be heard @
      Go To pg. 2, – Title: Giving Due Priority to the World… (Panel2)
      Go To Pg. 3 – Title: Reaching the Next Generation (Panel 1)

  3. This pastor is wrong to say the Old Testament is not important or that Bible prophecy teaching needs to be toned down. And his retraction is just a CYA. What a shame. He’s part of the falling away IMHO. Um um um….

    1. There will be many false teachers…..I have come out of two different churches since I was saved. I was so thrilled to be introduced to Calvary Chapels online IE: JD FARAG< JACK HIBBS…..I am sad to say that where I live that a Calvary Chapel is not to be found. I am one who will never again sit at the feet of a teacher who espouses what Brian has. Wolves in sheep clothes, all who hang with the Warren type……if I have to listen online in order to get my teaching, so be it, I do however so wish there was a TRUE Calvary Chapel in my area as I miss the fellowship.

      1. You are certainly not alone in your experience Claudia. There are many in that same predicament – including myself. Other Good CC pastors I recommend are Chris Qiuntana @ CC Cypress, and Pastor Xavier Ries @ CC Pasadena. You can find them online.

      1. On Brian Brodersen’s new Facebook page – like 2 days ago. All his fans are singing his praises, while he, and/ or his minions are deleting any comments that don’t agree with Brian’s story-line. He is essentially denying his very own words – Saying he didn’t really say what everyone clearly heard him say. Quite a few CC pastors heard and understood exactly what he meant – with his criticisms of Pastor Chuck and of the Calvary foundational distinctives. Unfortunately. far too many CC pastors are more concerned about protecting their brand, than they are about protecting the sheep. Let’s keep praying for the CC pastors.

  4. brian mcnamee

    JD Farag spoke out against this in his latest prophecy update. JD has a small church and 50,000 people watch his weekly update. This is evidence that real sheep are hungry for the whole counsel of God. Also the point of the nearness of the end times is a call to sanctification and separation from this world. Chuck saw the day approaching and always spoke the blessed hope not fear of doom and gloom. Think of Isaiah and Jeremiah both young men when called and old when the events came to pass. Chuck started in his 50’s and now he would be 90 or so. The same time gap that the events of Jeremiah spoke of took before they came to pass. Dan 2 said the vision is true and the interpretation is certain; that is my attitude towards these events coming to pass in our day. Chuck used to say you can tell its getting close to Thanksgiving when you see Christmas decorations. The idea is one event comes before the other. So the rapture comes before the tribulation and we can now see the events of the tribulation moving closer so we know the rapture is near. It is one of the Calvary distinctives. So if you do not teach the same doctrines you are no longer a distinct movement. Chuck recognized those who departed from these Calvary distinctives and blessed them and wished them well but made them cease to be Calavry Chapels.

    1. Indeed, let us never cast aside Bible prophecy and the “Blessed Hope” of the rapture. Let’s remember that, “When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” – Luke 21:28

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