Whoreship Central?

Worship Central is to the heretical Holy Trinity Brompton, what Jesus Culture is to Bethel Redding – a money-making musical splinter group, that enables it to make lots of money, and to make inroads into the evangelical community, in spite of the heretical heritage.

Christians have enabled groups like Hillsong, Bethel music, Jesus Culture and HTB’s Worship Central, to flourish and expand their influence, because few Christians actually discern the doctrines espoused in the lyrical content of most so-called worship songs – the false teachers of these “churches” find camouflage – the perfect cover to infiltrate & spread their infectious doctrines.


Nicky Gumbel of HTB and his “Worship Central” is a perfect example. Gumbel, the man who gave the world the contemplative “Alpha Course” – His people have created a platform to bring together many aberrant streams – ecumenical evangelism under cover of “worship” music! See http://www.worshipcentral.ca/#guests


 Worship Central Conference Canada 2016 – Happening Sunday Oct. 23rd, is bringing together: HTB’s own people – Tim Hughes & co., together with Jesus Cult’s Kim Walker-Smith, Hillsong’s Ben Fielding and Village Church’s Eric Damewood. What do all of these churches have in common? They are all promoters of contemplative prayer. Speakers include Jason Ballard of Alpha (Course) Canada. See http://www.worshipcentral.ca/jason-ballard

>> See also https://www.facebook.com/WORSHIPCENTRAL

 Unscriptural or repetitive, hypnotic songs played in church are one of the primary ways false doctrines and mysticism enter into the church at large. Every Sunday, thousands of Christians swallow wholesale the subtle false doctrines of aberrant groups like Hillsong & Jesus Cult, without even blinking.

Calvary Costa Mesa’s KWVE radio is a case in point. After monitoring it for the last few years, I estimate as much as 50% or better of the music now played is from aberrant groups. Groups that can loosely be classified as promoters of Mysticism and/ or contemplative – such as Hillsong, David Crowder, Rend Collective, and Bethel Music are played constantly. Gone is the uplifting, edifying music of the Jesus People days.

After watching one popular Christian music artist after another whoring them- selves out and backing up infamous false teachers, I can only ask, when will we have had enough? From Chris Tomlin’s prancing around at Louie Giglio’s Passion 2013 [See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-WOneEXr00]; To Calvary affiliated Phil Wickham backing up Word-Faith priestess Joyce Meyers and even IHOP’s Mike Bickle; 


And to former Calvary affiliated artist Leeland, doing a deal with the devil @ Bethel Music [see https://bethelmusic.com/artists/leeland/ ] – Where will end?

The power of music shouldn’t be underestimated. It can sooth the soul or agitate the mind. It can be used as a tool for hypnotic induction – sedating one’s reasoning powers and loosening the will power. Music has always been used as a tool by the enemy himself, who, it’s been said, was once a heavenly worship leader. [See Ezekiel 28:12]

Christian music doesn’t have to be loud rock or metal to be bad. While some may perceive modern worship music as “spiritual”, factually much of it is very sensual, trance inducing and seductive. Some, like Bethel Music, that promote the concept of God as a “lover”, are neo-gnostic, and in fact blasphemous.

Christians should be on the alert that false doctrines are entering the church through the music and through unvetted materials in church bookstores. Let us keep our eyes and ears open and protect our brothers and sisters, for these are treacherous times for God’s kids.

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