Together 2016: The Ecumenical Deception

Together 2016 was one giant ecumenical deception! Note the sequence here:

1- Nick Hall says that Catholics and Protestants are “on the same team”

2- Together 2016 announces a special video greeting from the Pope,

3- Then Together 2016 says the video won’t be shown, but they replace it with a different video by the Pope, and refuses to explain the reason for the change.

4- People show up after multiple assurances in social media that the Pope will not be delivering a “special video greeting” .

5- After Catholic artist Matt Maher played, Nick Hall gave a call to “Unity”…

6- Nick Hall presents false teacher Lou Engle and an previously unannounced Roman Catholic delegation, with Matteo Calisi, Bruno Ierullo and “Bishop Robert”, Then, plays a recorded message by President Obama, and finally, proclaims Catholics and evangelicals as both parts of the body of Christ!


3 thoughts on “Together 2016: The Ecumenical Deception

  1. Jess

    Jesuit agents, all of them. They are in “ministry” only to bring people to Rome, and to attempt to stifle the voices of those that accurately say that catholicism has a false gospel of works that leads to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

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