CALVARY CHAPEL ALERT: Pedro Garcia – Double Agent in the Church


14 thoughts on “CALVARY CHAPEL ALERT: Pedro Garcia – Double Agent in the Church

  1. Jess

    Heard Pedro Garcia speaking at a collection of pastors in Florida, in a meeting intended to “sharpen one another for ministry”. I’m sorry for saying it this way, but there is no other way to say it. Garcia was creepy, disoriented, had no real point to anything that he was saying, other than he would do anything to draw a crowd. Garcia and others like him are not Bible teachers. They are creators of “Christian culture”, which is of course a false religion that has nothing to do with believing the Bible.

  2. Mayra Febles

    Christians or Communist, He has dedicated his young years and life to the Church he once built, writing this in the Internet is such a low and derogatory thing it makes me sick, Jesus LOVES ALL OF US REGARDLESS OF THE WAY WE SPEAK, I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE NOT SINNED AND ARE MODEL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD! If any has not sinned then cast the first stone or correct me if I am wrong!!!
    Let that man be in peace and do not defame him all through the Internet which to me is the worth thing that has ever existed it helps but also destroys!!! What kind of Christian writes such a message on the Internet (maybe not a REAL CHRISTIAN) but a false one👿


    1. Michelle

      The Bible commands us as believers to expose false teachers (Ephesians 5:11 is just one of many scriptures) so that others may not be deceived. This is the right and loving thing to do, has nothing to do with defaming someone for how they speak!

    1. Pedro Garcia deceptively changed his church(es) into Hillsong affiliates, and this, while retaining the “Calvary” name. A survey of will show how far off Hillsong has gone. Though he may have many “devoted” followers, these have more loyalty to this man than to God’s Word. This is one of the marks of a cult. I wish these things were not so, but they are – and people are being deceived and misled. It is not “unloving” to expose these things – Love for God’s kids and for their welfare will always warn of dangers!

      1. Marta

        I dont understand why and what Pedro Garcia did? I notice him not speaking in the radio anymore and the 90.9 life never gave any explanations. who took over his place in Calvary Kendall?

      2. What Pedro did? Other than deceptively turning a Calvary Chapel affiliate into a aberrant Hillsong offshoot – and that, while many in the church had no idea what was happening? Other than that, I don’t know what has happened with Pedro recently, or who’s minding the store there – but I feel really bad for the poor sheep. Do they have a shepherd or just a hireling?

  3. Failed Pastors

    Pastor Pedro was fired from his church. He was caught doing drugs and also abusing alcohol for who knows how long. This guy is a joke like Bob Coy was.

    1. Am very sorry to hear this, and now to find conformation on the CC Kendall website. a separate page: “Calvary Congregation Statement” which says in part: “We came to realize that there were lifestyle issues that were not consistent with the scriptural standards for those who lead the church and which disqualifies Pedro… While it is our hope that Pedro will be restored to service in ministry, Because of the disqualification for service the Board had no other choice but to remove Pedro as Senior Pastor. >>> See

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    1. We most certainly are to judge those who are inside the church, especially whether teaching are aligned with scripture. The Apostle Paul taught: “What have I to do with judging those also who are outside (the church)? Do you not judge those who are inside? But those who are outside God judges. Therefore “Put away from yourselves the evil person” – 1Cor. 5:12-13

  5. Kim

    412 church in California – another Calvary Chapel affiliate — uses ‘Jesus Culture’ “worship” music (of Bethel-Redding) and is close to becoming apostate if it isn’t already. Those that blindly follow them cannot see what is going on and when trying to show them, people are called ‘unbelievers’ and ‘trolls’ — I used to attend a Calvary Chapel years ago and I saw some of this creeping in (IE: Greg Laurie and Rick Warren) and knew it was only a matter of time before leaven ruined the entire Calvary Chapel movement.

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