2 thoughts on “Greg Laurie Sponsors Emergent Contemplative Conference

  1. I’d be interested in your opinion about CIY MOVE for youth. My kids have attended and since I “awoke” I have been alarmed by their logos. They have at least 5 programs and each logo has curious symbols. I emailed them today and they admit to having a triquetra in their logo. Also their Wilderness group promotes the “spiritual disciplines” including meditation. What do you make of the logos? Thanks!

    1. Their logo looks like two chain links – maybe vaguely resembles a triquetta – but I don’t assign much importance to logos. The real issue is what they teach. If they are teaching kids contemplative meditation, they are teaching occultic practices. Teaching this to kids is absolutely despicable and is to be publicly condemned. “Spiritual Disciplines” is simply a term used to mask the various contemplative practices. All of this stuff is occult at root and demonic. Take the kids and run.

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