MindUP: Demonic Deception In The Classroom


Occult meditation is now common practice for kids even in K-2, in thousands of public schools and is being wedded to Common Core curriculum. Originally used in special needs schools, “MindUP” and it’s Core Practice of “Mindfulness” is now expanding to all U.S. schools with curiculum for K through 8th grades. MindUP is nothing more than occult/ new age meditation; specifically a Buddhist/ Catholic contemplative hybrid – secularized and camouflaged by allegedly scientific brain research. It is simply using occult practices to effect behavior modification in children.

The MindUP system was developed by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel


and his “Mindsight Institute” –


And his Mindful Awareness Research Center UCLA


and Dr. Siegal’s Friend, Jon Kabat-Zinn. Kabat-Zinn is the founder/ director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the Univ. of Mass. Medical School. >>> SEE


>>> and see: http://www.umassmed.edu/uploadedFiles/cfm2/training/Oasis Brochure 2013.pdf

MindUP was allegedly developed by new age actress Goldie Hawn’s Hawn Foundation:

Goldie Hawn is a disciple of the Tibetian Buddhist teacher known as the Dali Lama. She is also a follower of Occult teacher Eckhart Tolle and likely a member of Tolle’s Hollywood New Age group, G.A.T.E. or The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. see:


In the video uploaded by the Dalia Lama Center, entitled: Heart-Mind 2013: Goldie Hawn – How Mindfulness Helps Children Thrive


She links it directly to “Contemplation” & “meditation” ; saying: “We have to be able to bring contemplative practice into the classroom, under a different name because obviously people will say, ‘Oh, meditation, this is Bhuddist’, or whatever. Well, his holiness absolutely doesn’t have any denomination!” While the Bible, and even speaking about Jesus is banned in schools – These practices come directly out of Buddhism/ contemplative and are religious, and as such should NOT be in schools according to their interpretation of “separation of religion & state”.

 “Mindfulness” – The nature of the practice [See


   “Mindfulness is often practiced sitting with eyes closed, perhaps cross-legged on a cushion, maybe on a chair, with the back straight. Attention is put on the sensation of breathing. As thoughts come up, one returns to focusing on breathing. One passively notices one’s mind has wandered, but in an accepting, non-judgmental way… [A major] component involves adopting a particular orientation toward one’s experiences in the present moment, an orientation that is characterized by curiosity, openness, and acceptance“.  As with hypnotic induction by other means, Mindfulness meditation disables the critical thinking faculties of the brain, rendering it susceptible to outside influences, even to demonic deception.


3 thoughts on “MindUP: Demonic Deception In The Classroom

  1. This message is to inform you that Calvary Chapel Oceanside (CCO) is not involved in any movement, nor organization that is not biblically based.

    The Calvary Christian Store is terrible regarding many books that are available for purchase. CCO was a 3rd party to the store, but has discovered that the store is not remaining biblical. As a result, CCO removed the link from their website and are in the process of eliminating any affiliation with the store.

    To substaniate what I have shared, contact Pastor Kevin Schmid (administration pastor), who will confirm my statement. His phone # is: 760-754-1234 x203.

    Ann, my wife, And I attend CCO. It is very biblical and by no means participates in any organization or ministry that is unbiblical.

    Because I care,
    Ronnie Plotner

  2. Susan Brower

    What can parents and grandparents do? The school my 8 year old grandson is attending will be implementing Mindfulness this year.

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