Mariners church going off the deep end with Holy Yoga

As Mariners prepares to initiate “Holy Yoga” at their new “campus” at “Mariners Ocean Hills” this week, they continue to ignore all warnings against it, to the peril of their flock. Consider this:

The recently updated website states:

“Holy Yoga… an experience that offers an opportunity to believers and *non-believers alike to authentically connect…”

> NOTE: 2 Cor. 6:14 says, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship… What communion has light with darkness?”

“Holy Yoga is the intentional practice of connecting our entire being; body, mind and spirit with… When we breathe and move and have our being in Christ, we find ourselves in the flow of His magnificence. There is often a misunderstanding that yoga is a religion, it is not. Yoga is a spiritual discipline, much like prayer, fasting and meditation…”

> NOTE: This breath “flow” concept is akin to the occultic “Pranayama” concept of air/ breath as “Vital energy” – It is occultic! – see: Eph. 2:1-2 “…according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air“.

We believe that when God spoke the world into existence, His creative essence or “vibration” permeated all of creation. It has been documented that there is a vibrational frequency common to all of creation and that this vibration has the sound of “Aum”. That frequency is often vocalized in classical yoga as “OM”, or in Christian circles as “Shalom”. Holy Yoga chooses not to use the practice of chant or “OM” invocations in classes in order to dissipate fear concerning their usage in relation to worship.

> NOTE: THIS is out-of-the-closet pantheistic occultism and ecumenism here – directly equating the pagan “OM” with God’s work in creation, which through Christ! John 1:1-3! – “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made through Him…”

“We believe that humans are… energetic beings. This energy is in constant movement within our bodies and accumulates in specific regions within the body… this in classical yoga terminology is “Chakras. The theory of chakras attempts to explain the physical manifestation of our emotional and spiritual being. We acknowledge that this is man’s attempt to articulate God’s truth… yoga is a spiritual discipline much like fasting, meditation… (it)that cannot be owned by one specific religion.”

> NOTE: This is another reference to occultic *Pranayama, also similar to the Taoist concept of Chi… The inclusion of “Chakras” here reveals the inherent affinity of yoga to *Kundalini, and reveals that NONE of this has ANY Biblical foundation whatsoever – but rather is totally rooted in demonic pagan practices!


3 thoughts on “Mariners church going off the deep end with Holy Yoga

  1. Rowena

    I see churches holding holy yoga classes which I can not understand, even
    if the intention is pure and during the classes they are doing it to worship music and mediating on
    Christ (why even call it yoga?) anyway the Church is sending a message to a young or immature
    Believer who will see that yoga is practiced at church and then may go out into the world and sign up for a
    yoga class that is saturating in Hindu teaching and deeply rooted in New Age meditation because the church is
    condoning it, sending the incorrect message that yoga is ok to practice, and the young or immature
    Christian is lead astray, So dangerous. I pray for Pastors and leaders in the church, to protect and lead their flock in right action and to set an example that we come out of the world and be separated from it. In Jesus name.

  2. Rae

    You guys are completely wrong on this. It’s amazing how people judge things they know little to nothing about. I went through this class on whim while going through a divorce. The leader plays worship music and quotes scriptures during the session. She prays before and after. The music and the experience is incredibly healing. I’m a believer with roots in Calvary Chapel so I know the Word of God. Shiloh, the instructor, is a godly woman of great character and integrity. If anything we are drawn to God through Holy yoga and not away from Him. Shiloh has a real & vibrant relationship with Christ, as do I. What you have written is foolish. Do not judge by appearances and hearsay. This class is nothing short of a blessing. You have much to learn.

    1. I cannot speak on the character or integrity of these gals; But, I can tell you that yoga is demonic in origin; It’s practice leads to demonic influence – and in no way, shape or form can it ever be “Christianized”! Please consider what was written about the origins of yoga, and flee from these things.

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