Global Ecumenical Event Partners NAR, Word-Faith and Mainstream Ministries

One of the largest ecumenical event ever – Global Outreach Day (‘GOD’), or ‘GO 2020‘ – is set to for May 30th 2020, and the promoters are proclaiming a “Special edition of Global Outreach Day. Join thousands of churches and ministries worldwide and dedicate the month of May 2020 to prayer and evangelism.” and to “Mobilize 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in May 2020” . See

96 different churches, ministries and para-church orgs are partnered with this event – Almost half are NAR and/ or Word-faith affiliated. Included are some of the most heretical groups known, such as Bethel Redding, Catch The Fire (John Arnott), Cindy Jacobs ‘Generals Int’l’, Mike Bickle’s IHOP (KC), Heidi Baker’s Iris Int’l, Joyce Meyer Ministries and WYAM. The organizers have listed as the top endorsers, the NAR’s Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, John Arnott and Heidi Baker. see  

There are number of organizations involved with which I am unfamiliar, but the AOG, Baptist World Alliance, Foursquare and Pentecostal World Alliance, (formerly CRI) and the Jesus Film Project are among those involved. The sheer number involved in this ecumenical event is staggering.

The GO 2020leaders are: Steve Douglass: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ); Loren Cunningham: YWAM; Efraim Tendero: World Evangelical Alliance. That the leaders of this event could draw in so many groups, some of which may well be otherwise generally biblical, is testament to the level deception of the current apostasy. see .

Please PRAY for this event – that The Lord would protect people from this ecumenical deception.

Dr. Michael Brown – His Fire Tunnel and Demonic ‘Anointing’


“Dr.” Michael Brown of the popular show “Ask Dr. Brown“, who has repeatedly denying the any involvement in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) [see]; and has been a staunch defender of many of it’s false “apostles”, is exposed in this video – introducing, and participating in a Bethel Redding (NAR) type “Fire Tunnel”. The video was recorded at Fire International (church) in North Carolina on October 17, 2019. Dr. Michael Brown is listed as FI’s Vice President.

The same demonic, Kundalini Kriya twitching manifestations, as have been seen in videos of Fire tunnels at Bethel Redding, and in the EmergentWatch video here: – are seen in the present video with Michael Brown. Whatever one calls it – NAR, or whatever – the occultic manifestations – the “fruit” if you will, are nearly identical.




The Ecumenical Deception Of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades

It’s that time again, as thousands will head to Angel Stadium for the 2019 Southern California Harvest Crusade. Started in 1990, Harvest Inc. is a multi-million dollar enterprise running in cities across the nation and beyond. Top tier Christian artists are booked, as money pours in from participating churches and private donations.

Marketing theme schemes are created each year, often around famous personalities such as Mel Gibson, Steve McQueen and now Johnny Cash. Greg’s new book on Mr. Cash just happens to be out just in time for the crusade. (For an interesting study in body language, watch Greg’s promo video for his new book – without the sound:

This year’s Crusade will also feature a Harvest “Tailgate Party” with Fitz Army Freestyle Motocross exhibition. has an online store, whose motto is “Every purchase plays a part“, where one can buy Harvest apparel and other “Christian” stuff . It is worth noting that amongst the questionable materials in the store are three books by Jill Briscoe. Briscoe’s website is ‘’ – where a quick search returned an article entitled ‘The Listening Side of Prayer”, where – you guessed it – contemplative prayer is openly promoted. See  

Aside from the obvious commercialism, the real issue with Greg’s Harvest Crusades isn’t simply a watered down so-called ‘easy believe-ism’, but the intimate, behind the scenes participation of many aberrant churches. Several years ago, I received a copy of an email from an associate pastor at, wherein it is admitted that “We [Harvest Crusades] have had involvement from local Catholic churches, as they have seen the vision of reaching the lost with the Gospel message. [NOTE] Though there may be doctrinal differences between many participating churches, what we have in common is the message of the Gospel…”.

Just as the Billy Graham organization did, the Harvest advance team contacts many local churches in the area and solicits donations in exchange for participation in the harvest of souls reaped from the crusades. Representatives from the many churches are on the field as “counselors”. Crusade ‘Decision Cards’ are filled out by those coming forward, and amongst the questions asked of people is their past church affiliation, if any.

When the ‘counselors’ return the decision cards, they are sorted according to what church is indicated on the card, and the info on those cards is given to that particular local church. If a person indicated they were raised Catholic, the person’s info goes to the local Catholic church. So, in reality, the Harvest Crusades are used as a reaping ground for many apostate and otherwise aberrant churches.

See also my related older videos:





Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest Soliciting for NAR Training School

On their Twitter page, Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest [UK – August 3-9, 2019] is actively promoting and soliciting for the NAR linked YWAM/ Circuit Riders Training School “21Project”. The CF post says of the 21Project: “Check this out! JOIN 21PROJECT this summer for 6 days of *LEADERSHIP TRAINING for students and young adults who want to take the next step as [NOTE] *influencers, musicians, creatives and messengers.” The CF post then gives a YWAM link that redirects to

The 21Project webpage claims endorsements by Bethel Redding’s Jesus Culture, by Francis Chan’s “We Are Church” and others. YWAM’s Circuit Riders Facebook shows “Related Pages” and “Pages Liked by This Page as including: Lou Engle’s The Send & Awaken The Dawn, and Heidi Baker’s Global Iris.

CF19 will also feature Anglican Bishop Chris Goldsmith as speaker, and music by Bethel Music affiliate Lindsey Conant and the Circuit Riders, and music by the worship team from Nickey Gumbel’s heretical Holy Trinity Brompton – “Worship Central” [see]


The above pic shows a ‘Sneak Peak’ at CreationFest 2019’s program. As CF’s Executive Director, Calvary Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen is directly responsible for the ecumenical apostasy on display at his Creation Fest events. Although is it happening ‘over in Europe’, in the UK, and out of sight of many in the U.S. Calvary Chapels, his activities are not without consequence for the church at large.

How serious are the warnings against associating with – (let alone soliciting on behalf of) false teachers – warnings that few seem to heed? Consider THIS:

“Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; for [NOTE] he who greets him shares in his evil deeds!” – 2Jn 1:9-11

See also:

And see:



Francis Chan’s Continuing Slide into Apostasy

Francis Chan’s slide into apostasy has gone from bad to worse. He has gone from appearances at NAR affiliates such as IHOP.KC, and declaring of IHOP’s leader Mike Bickle, “I love this guy”,  [See ] to now promoting his own new NAR linked ministry “We Are Church”.

See – We Are The Church is intimately linked to YWAM (NAR) and their “21 Project” – See

We Are The Church is also intimately linked to YWAM, YWAM’s ‘Circuit Riders‘, Bethel Redding’s Jesus Culture, and to Lou Engle’s ‘The Send‘. See also:

Additionally (see above) – Through YWAM’s Circuit Riders network, Francis Chan’s organization ‘Crazy Love‘ is collaborating with major NAR ministries, including YWAM, (the NAR ecumenical) Together (Lou Engle & Nick Hall), Jesus Culture, Dunamis, Pulse (Nick Hall/ Together 2016), and Christ for All Nations (Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda – See ] And see:

I believe it is now safe to say that Mr. Chan has pitched his tent squarely in the camp of the false teachers/ “prophets” of the New Apostolic Reformation [NAR], and hence, a final warning to mark and avoid his teaching and that of his associates.

Calvary Costa Mesa Hosts Major Ecumenical Conference

Brian Brodersen’s Calvary Global Network [CGN] and Calvary Costa Mesa just ended their 2019 International Conference – a major ecumenical gathering. The webpage proclaims: “This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and churches throughout the world to connect, collaborate and encourage one another.”

This is another ecumenical event by Brian Brodersen and his CGN to bring Anglican, Reformed and ‘seeker-friendly’ influences into the once solid Calvary Chapel churches.

Featured speakers included:

Miles McPherson – Rock church: Seeker-friendly & NAR affiliations. Problems with Miles include:

1] Appeared at Randy Clark’s (NAR) Global Awakening May 2019                               2] Feb. 2018 – His Rock church hosts Jesus Culture artists                                            3] Spoke at NAR affiliate Skyline church 2018. See

4] Endorses TD Jakes Oct. 31, 2017                                                                                      5] May 2014 – NAR ‘Kingdom Foundations’ event at the Rock church. See

Sam Allbery – “celibate” gay Christianity advocate, Editor @ Gospel Coalition -See and see

Ray Ortlund – Reformed, Gospel Coalition;

Jared Wilson – New Calvinist, Gospel Coalition;

Bruce Clarke – Sr. Minister @ St. Matthews – Australian Anglican;

Andrew Baughen – Vicar of St. James Clerkenwell, UK Church of England.  See:

Brodersen’s partnership with the corrupt Church of England has been extensively documented by this author. See: and see:

Gary BreshearsWestern Seminary; PhD in Systematic Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary;

What has not been noted is the recent partnership of CGN with Western Seminary – Purportedly an upstanding institution. See However, it should be noted that Western Seminary teaches “Spiritual Formation” and “Spiritual Disciplines” that “represent Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox perspectives”. Also dangerous false teacher Gary Thomas – author of the Christian/ New Age book “Sacred Pathways” and other aberrant books – is an Adjunct Professor at Western. See:

All of these things are but the latest example of the ecumenical errors of Brian Brodersen, and the seeker-friendly direction of the CGN movement.

Calvary Costa Mesa Promoting Ecumenical Evangelism

In another ecumenical event sure to confuse and stumble believers – Brian Brodersen’s Calvary Costa Mesa will be hosting an ‘exclusive screening’ of “Palau: The Movie” on May 31st. The movie glorifies the life and ministry of ecumenical “evangelist” Luis Palau. [see]

Palau’s ministry has been intimately involved with the Catholic church in their evangelical crusades. Over the years, the Palau crusades have included Catholic counselors for those coming forward to receive Christ. Palau crusade organizers actively seek out the involvement of local Catholic parishes, in preparation for their events.

The Catholic Voice reported how Father Ryan Lewis was approached by the organizers and remarked: “The thinking was that we (Catholic priests and volunteers) really need to be a part of this festival… if you’re Catholic, he (Luis Palau) wants you to be an energetic Catholic”.

The Palau Association even allowed the RCC to set up a prominent tent on one crusade site. The Palau Association allowed the priests to perform the Catholic sacrament of penance (confession) behind two black screens set up in the tent.

In 1992, the Arizona Republic provided this explanation of Luis Palau’s inclusion of the Roman Catholic Church: “Palau’s form of worship presents such a broad Christian message that it appeals to Protestants and Catholics alike … But unlike other Evangelicals who have actively tried to lure … Catholics away from their churches, Palau aims to keep people in their own Christian churches-regardless of denomination…” [See]

A March 2013 Christianity Today article notes: “Argentine native and international evangelist Luis Palau considers Jorge Bergoglio, the newly elected Pope Francis, a personal friend. In the piece, Palau says of Pope Francis: “You know he knew God the father personally. The way he prayed, the way he talked to the Lord, was of a man who knows Jesus Christ and was very spiritually intimate with the Lord…” [See]

In an interview with Luis Palau on Relevant magazine website, talking about his friendship with the new pope, Palau stated: “I think that’s the emphasis he is going to bring to the papacy: That the Gospel is primary, that we must emphasize it and especially with youth.” But just what “Gospel” will the pope actually emphasize? Will the true Gospel of Jesus Christ be able to be emphasized when it is shrouded in Masses, Eucharists, Transubstantiations, Marian apparitions, and a “new” evangelization program that seeks to bring back the “lost brethren” to the “Mother” church?

In a 2013 Christian Post article, [] is quoted as saying of Pope Francis: “”I’ve met him several times, gone to his place, we’ve talked, we’ve prayed together you know. He builds bridges to other Christian groups… He’s a friend. He’s a real friend”.

Luis Palau and his organization have actively evangelized on behalf of the RCC, and by promoting this movie at Calvary Costa Mesa, Brodersen is promoting this false evangelism. If this were an isolated incident, done in ignorance, that would be one thing. But this is only the latest example of what is now Brodersen’s extensive history of ecumenical compromises.

See the movie’s trailer here: